Hi, I am a designer focused on creating  digital experiences that solve real problems.

I am based in Goa, India.


I write articles

I am not a very good writer, I use simple English (because that’s the best I can do) to convey what’s there in my mind. I also take a lot of references from everywhere to write something that is worth the reader’s time.

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Other things that I do/did

I create visuals

When I am not doing UX, I love to explore visual design (which I couldn't do in office), create random artworks, or sometimes design logos and other branding stuff for friends. 

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I am an ex product designer

I used to design furniture and accessories for various companies in Jaipur and Delhi before my stint in UX design. Though I was still focusing on the user experience of the product however the process and the outcome were totally different. 

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Banner Illustration - Pier Paolo,  Other illustration - Undraw