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The Challenge

DishTV wanted to revamp its website and following were the key objectives of the redesign :

  • Enhance the credibility of the brand & generate interest in their products & services

  • Provide information about new/existing products & services

  • Seamless & delightful buying experience

  • Let users easily design / modify their channel packs according to the newly launched TRAI guidelines

My Role

I lead a team of 2 people on this project. My role was was not only to guide the team but to also create concepts for key flows and journeys. The most challenging part of the project was to simplify the tedious process and make the experience better for a user.

Project Duration: 7 months

🔨 Tools Used: Figma, X-Mind, Invision

📲 Platform: Adaptive



Product Definition

A little about Dish TV

DishTV is the largest DTH provider in India with a total of 17.7 million active subscribers. Over and above live TV channels, they also provide value-added-content-services and Internet video on demand services like Prime video, Voot, Zee5 & more

What the client asked for

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35% of users are repeat visitors who comes for recharge or pack change

Easy post login experience and simpler pack change process

Reduce customer dependency on call centres

Simple and effective online support that is easily accessible

Most of the customers today recharge for small amounts which leads to inactive days

Push for consumers to do a full month recharge

Make it world class

Take inspiration from the leading companies in the domain

Consumers come to channel guide on a daily basis and the current page is not very easy to use

Simpler version of the channel guide which is functional and easy to use

Current purchase flow is confusing which is leading to drop-offs

Help customers to make decisions faster during a new purchase.


Feature Comparison



Competitor Analysis


I did a competitive analysis to understand what other providers are doing in terms of the user experience, customer acquisition, promotions, new offerings, etc. I discovered that almost all competitors have a tedious pack selection process. The booking journey is confusing and counter-intuitive. Most used features like recharge, buy a new connection, etc are not given enough prominence.

mock final.png

Understanding the user

We initially assumed that OTT would be the most preferred entertainment platform nowadays but we learned that the main target audience for Dish TV is semi-urban /rural, users who aren’t as heavily touched by platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime yet. The website is majorly accessed via mobile.

What do users mostly do?

Group 123.png

What devices do people use?

Group 125.png